Physiotherapy Treatment and Consulting

I provide two types of cancer related physiotherapy services:

  • For patients who need a physiotherapist, I provide physiotherapy services in their house or clinic (details below).
  • For patients who are currently working with other health-care providers, I can provide cancer related consultation services contributing to the care of an individual.

In Home Services

I do provide private physiotherapy services for people diagnosed with cancer and living in the area of Hamilton, Ontario.

My physiotherapy session typically includes an in-depth assessment of the current condition, focusing on understanding the cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment provided to date. This information is used to guide my treatment, which usually includes some type of exercise program.

A big component of my treatment includes providing the client with education, and this starts during my assessment!

Other treatment components may include exercise, manual therapy (hands-on stretching, if needed), modalities (for example acupuncture), and more education.

To book an in home appointment please contact me at physio(at)aoren(dot)ca or use the Contact page.

In Clinic Services

Clinic appointments may be possible. Email me or use the Contact page to check with me

Education and Exercise are my main treatment modalities!